Lottery Sambad Today Results 11:55 AM

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Lottery Sambad Morning Results 23.03.2020

Lottery Sambad 23.03.2020 Sikkim Lottery Result 11.55 AM

Dear Respect Morning


1st Prize
(including Super Prize Amt)
Sold by -

Consolation Prize
Rs. 1000/-
(Remaining All Serials)

2nd Prize
Rs. 9000/-

3rd Prize
Rs. 500/-

4th Prize
Rs. 250/-

5th Prize
Rs. 120/-

34th Draw held on 23-03-2020

Ticket Price Rs. 6/-

Please check the results with relevant Official Government Gazette

Morning Result 23.03.2020

Sikkim’s Morning lottery draw is held on every day at 11:55 am. There is a total of seven weekly lotteries in Sikkim. The ticket face value is Rs. 6. The first prize is Rs. 1 Crore. The consolation prize is Rs. 1,000 that will be awarded to 439 valid ticket holders. The second prize is Rs. 9,000 awarded to 4,400 winners. The third prize is Rs. 500 for 44,000 winners while the 4th the prize is Rs. 250 awarded to 40,000 valid winners while the 5th prize of Rs. 120 is given to 4,40,000 lottery ticket holders with matching serial numbers.

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Morning

Friday: Dear Valuable Morning
Thursday: Dear Love Morning
Wednesday: Dear Respect Morning
Tuesday: Dear Admire Morning
Monday: Dear Cherished Morning
Sunday: Dear Precious Morning
Saturday: Dear Treasure Morning

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